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Our Approach

We at GudShiz have a very simple rule, speak what's on our mind and be unapologetic about it. No sugar coating here. We call them as we see them.

But most important of all our philosophies (we have like, 2 of them right now, but still!) is that we will always do whats fun for us. Cuz if you ain't havin fun, you ain't doin it right! *winky face*

Meet the Team

We have guest writers and permanent team members, as this is a new site, expect this page to be constantly changing! Interested in joining the GudShiz team? Think you have what it takes to be at the top of the journalism thingamajig? Then get in touch with us using the contact page! We're always looking for fresh blood.... Mmmmmm blood. I mean wha? Who said that!



The Gamer Guy

(Founder, Editor and Twitch Streamer)

RDTechy has been a gamer since he could manage to get in front of a computer, which was roughly around the time he was 10. Now, he's a gaming, tech (i mean duh, its in the name!) and wrestling aficionado as well as a Streamer on Twtich! He started GudShiz to have fun and put his own quirky spin on what's happening. He loves indie games and complaining about stuff that makes no difference and is an absolute cynical bugger. He also hates typing out bios in the third person because it feels pretty douchey to do it.



The Show Gal

(Editor and Resident Entertainment Expert)

Dassie brings her own take on the entertainment world be it her fangirling over The Originals or Vikings or complaining about waiting for the next season of Vikings, or about The Originals ending. Did I mention she likes The Originals? And Vikings? She's also a fan of drama series like The Last Ship, Shameless and classics like The Office and Seinfeld. To say she has a diverse taste would be an understatement making her a perfect fit for GudShiz.



The Dev

(Editor, Twitch Streamer and Developer)

Apoisonedgift brings with him decades of experience of being a gamer with all the perks of being disappointed and (rarely) pleasantly surprised by the games that release throughout the year.  There may be some pessimism involved there, but when it gets down to it, he brings a fresh perspective to the table being a developer in the Unreal Market and a streamer on Twitch!


Could be You!

Here's how you can join the team!

Head over to the contact page and get in touch! Your avatar could be here! or There! Or EVERYWHERE!

(not everywhere, I mean, that would be crazy.... or would it?! *cue DUN DUN DUNNNN*)

Next Steps...

So what are you waiting for? Hit us up!