Disclaimer: Touch Portal gifted me an upgrade after the Play Store had some issues processing the payment on their side. I did intend to and had paid for the upgrade but in the end, product reviewed was recieved for free.

If you’ve followed streaming or started streaming yourself, a word that you have no doubt come across is ‘Stream Deck’. The piece of hardware by Elgato is nothing short of impressive and is quite the tool to have when you’re streaming. The only thing about that is that it comes with a price tag, which if you’re just starting to stream can be quite a hefty entry fee at $99 for the smallest version. Touch Portal, an app that let’s you turn your mobile phone into a stream deck gives you a lot of the functionality for a very attractive price – Free.

While the Stream Deck, being the premium hardware it is will always have more functionality, However, Touch Portal gives you all the essential controls you’d need, and the best part about them is that they keep adding more functionality every update! You’re limited to the size of the grid on the stream deck, but with Touch Portal and custom grid sizes in Pro, you’re allowed up to 110 unique buttons, not to mention you could use pages to even increase this!

Once you set it up, you can have Touch Portal act as a soundboard, make it start or stop your recording or strea, scene changes with OBS and mute your desktop audio/mic when needed. While it doesn’t work with StreamLabs OBS (due to StreamLabs changing the api so this wouldn’t replace their remote app) it does work with StreamElements OBS Live and goes without saying that it works with OBS Studio.

Touch Portal
Courtesy – Touch Portal

The upgrade option in the app that lets you change grid sizes on your device, add infinite pages and so on. It’s $10 for the upgrade and once you’ve used Touch Portal and interacted with the team behind the app you’d want to take that plunge because it just feels nice to interact with a developer that is actively listening to you and tries to help you. It’s a shame we don’t have more developers doing it!

It may feel like setting it up is a problem at first but yours truly has gone up and done a video that explains how to set it up and how to make it work with OBS. So no need to worry there!

With Touch Portal, I’ve found the perfect substitute for the $150 StreamDeck, and it’s gloriously free! And best of all, it is available across Mac, iOS, Windows and Android platforms. Glorious!

You can get Touch Portal’s desktop app as well as links to the mobile versions through their Official Website – Click Here!

Tested with Windows 10 PC and Android Smartphone.

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