Season 5. Part 2.  

‘Cos apparently Part 1 can’t go with Part 2.  It needs an intermission.

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Much too anticipation for this fangirl!

Why do they need to take a break mid-season anyway?  Drag out the drama, suffocate me with suspense, kill me slowly?  But I’m not going to complain entirely, it’s the perfect present, premiering on my birthday! (Insert wishes and gifts here. I accept PayPal.)

What is ‘Vikings’ you ask?  Who are you? Do you live under a rock??  Why have you not watched this? Watch it!  If you have followed it like a loyal subject, we can definitely be friends!

Although, I will admit, after such a long break mid-season, I’m thinking even I need to start all over again just to refresh my memory.  Never a bad thing to have to watch Ragnar in action again anyway!

But, I am excited to pick up where it left off.  So much has changed along the years in the timeline of the show.  Many, many deaths, pillages, backstabbings, mostly in the literal sense.  The worst is when favourite characters are killed off, it feels like a part of you dies along with them.  That’s when you can really appreciate the level of the writing behind it all. Kudos to feeding my addiction!

Now, this is the part where you have to decide your fate.  Do you continue on this path of reading this article further and uncovering truths of the past if you haven’t yet watched the show (Still??)  or do you read on…(i.e. Spoiler Alert!)

Read on I tell you!  Valhalla or die!

This season also sees the reign of Ivar The Boneless, a character that I don’t think could have been any more perfectly cast.  Alex Høgh Andersen is amazing as this delusional maniac, bringing a whole new dimension to both the family dynamics and the story of the show.  His acting is truly remarkable. You hate him, but you can’t help but love him as well. He’s a fascinating twist of crazy. Although, good luck to him finding any job after this show that won’t typecast him the same!

And then there’s Lagertha.  The Queen that has managed to last for so long, fighting on every battlefield, heading up the shield-maidens, showing the world that even back then there was better equality for women. They just needed to be able to wield a sword and slice off a head like a hot knife through butter apparently.  But now Ivar holds her beloved Kattegat and I’m sure the aim will be to join forces with her son to take it back. Which I’m sure will also see him, Björn Ironside, step up even more as Ragnar’s heir and leader of the Vikings.

But Lagertha also killed Ivar’s mother way back when, so there’s no love lost there and he’s wanted to see her dead for a long time, making all fans a little nervous about the upcoming episodes.  Surely Lagertha will survive? She always survives!  But then we all loved Ragnar and they killed him in a pit of venomous snakes! (So I believe anyway, I had my eyes shut tight the whole way through that part. Behind my hands covering my face.)

The last episode also saw Rollo returning too, so that remains an interesting mystery for the start.  The fact that there was some hanky-panky between him and Lagertha behind Ragnar’s back right in the beginning and the question of who Björn’s real father is, is still hanging in the air too.  Could we finally find out? Will it change all?

While the show is very roughly based on the myth of Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest to explore the world, it has a way that lets you truly submerge yourself in the Norse lore and become a part of how things may have been all those years ago.  It feels all so real and is brilliantly directed, as well as written. An FYI to the writers and producers – six seasons is never going to be enough!

Blood, hot warriors, gore, hot warriors, brutality, with a smattering of the odd romance (Oh, and don’t forget the hot warriors!), this fangirl is officially counting down the hours!  This is one heathen army I can’t wait to see again! Happy birthday to me!

(Even if it’s only for 10 more episodes and another year’s wait for Season 6 damnit!  At least they make getting older worth it!)


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