I wouldn’t call myself an avid fan of Drama shows or have the expertise when it comes to them like our own CurveD. But I am known to enjoy a drama series every now and then. I wouldn’t call my taste too refined, but I loved Sherlock, I loved Jekyll (The mini series, but I am excited about the upcoming movie too!), but I’ve also loved what people would call teen dramas, I used to binge on One Tree Hill before binging was a thing (that makes me sound really old!) and Friday Night Lights will always be one of my favourite shows of all time and Castle was fun while it lasted (or like the first 3 seasons).

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The issue I have with American Shows, Dramas in particular is that even though we’ve grown out of the Soap Opera era, they still don’t know when to stop. They can’t keep a drama going on an even keel. I get the fear, I really do. What’s dramatic about a cop and an author solving crimes when you could make it be about a massive conspiracy theory that stretches back decades and throw random new characters that somehow connect to the past in the most obscure ways all the while maintaining that it was ‘meant to be’ that way.

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The thing is, I thought that age had also, gone the way of the famed Dodo. Which is why after quite the hiatus, I started looking into the dramas again. Now the whole world goes gaga over a twist on  Shakespearan tragedies with Icy mountains and dragons and I missed the hype train, I’m not one for it or just shouting gibberish under the guise of a newfound language, I didn’t buy Klingon and I ain’t buying this one either. But, still, I had hope, especially when a lore from my own teenage was being visited – the beautiful town of Riverdale.

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Now this is important, from now on there are SPOILERS about the previous and current seasons of Riverdale. So if you haven’t watched the show, tread carefully!

When I first came across Riverdale on Netflix, believe it or not,  I didn’t make the connection to the beloved kids comic, but after the first episode, I was hooked. Fast forward to season 3 and I’m sitting here with my face dented from the repeated facepalms the show has awarded me and I wonder. Why couldn’t the show be about teenagers from a small town called Riverdale. Yet, it’s got conspiracies, murders ‘demons’ and ‘kings’ that feel out of place in Archie’s world, and it is all told in a world where places like the Sisters of watchamacallit exists. Now I know this is no perfect world and they’ve tried to make them seem like a safe haven and all that but a journalist like Betty’s mom really thinks that place is safe? I mean, REALLY?

And Betty with her investigative nose didn’t expose the place when she learned the truth? A lot of the show feels like throwing plots together and then thinking about sticking them up with a roll of double sided tape. Let’s not forget that we had floating babies too. Yeah, fun times that. I can’t wait to see how they ‘logically’ explain that. 

I get what the show is doing, I really do. They are trying to make it more exciting and make the drama stay can’t miss till the end of the season. But by doing so they’ve made the show lose sight of what it was about. Merely sharing names of characters to that of Archie and the gang. For me the issue lies with the fact that the show isn’t sure of itself, is it a teen drama? Is it a thriller? Is it a supernatural show? A show in a realistic setting? I couldn’t tell you and I am not sure anyone could at this point.

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Perhaps the show will prove me wrong, maybe it will go back to being about the lives of those characters than the far fetched schemes, drug running and conspiracies up the wazoo. But I’m skeptical, I’ve watched American Dramas, and they’ve never known when to stop.

(Except Friday Night Lights – Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!)

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