The Division 2 seems to have started a trend as Deep Silver, publisher of the much anticipated Metro Exodus has made the game that is scheduled to release on 15th of February, 2019 to the Epic Games Store and made it a timed exclusive that won’t be available anywhere else (on PC) till 15th February, 2020, basically for one year.

Courtesy – Deep Silver

So What Actually Happened with
Metro Exodus?

Deep Silver and Epic formed a partnership to take the game to the Epic Store and make the game a timed exclusive on PC for the Epic store, so if you want to buy the game in its first year, Epic Store is the only place you can get it. Details are not clear if Epic’s lower cut of just 12% of the profits while Steam’s comparatively monstrous 30% cut convinced them to make the move or if there are any financial incentives for Deep Silver provided by Epic. Most probably though, it is a mix of two. The financial incentive I expect is probably the reason why the game is 10$ cheaper on the Epic store.

Why Did The Internet Explode Over
Metro Exodus Moving?

As soon as the announcement hit the media and the steam store, the internet, well, atleast the gaming side of it, exploded! The news post on Steam has 167 pages of customers, with almost 99% of them mouthing off against Deep Silver, calling them all sorts of things like cheaters, thieves, liars, the whole shibang. In fact, I read about the first 6 pages and there was literally only one comment out of the entire thing that supported the decision.

Courtesy – Deep Silver

The reasons for the complaints include a variety of things – most popular one being that people don’t like having different launchers. But some were because of the abrupt news that came out of nowhere, with majority saying that they will now ‘pirate it so gtfo‘.

Did Deep Silver Cheat You out of the Metro Exodus Experience?

I can’t believe this has to be written but – NO. They, like any other commercially aligned company looked at the possible higher cut of the profit and probable financial incentive and realized that the backlash that comes as kneejerk for any little thing in the gaming industry, is worth it. And they didn’t just cancel preorders outright and refunded the money either, they have promised to deliver all preorders to the point where if you buy standard edition, you’ll still have access to DLC and expansion pass, etc on launch.

Courtesy – Deep Silver

They didn’t even just yank it from the store, the game is was available for pre-order for around six hours after the announcement. Now, you’d be forgiven for wanting at least a 24 – hour notice but thinking from Deep Silver’s perspective, that was going to be 24 hours of sales that Valve would take a bigger cut from than Epic.

My Take.

Good for you Deep Silver and 4A. 30% is an is an insane margin just for listing and selling a game and while this, like most things that happen in our pixelated industry, will get a backlash, I hope you hold strong and show that you can earn better cuts and still be successful. Competition is never bad, even if it means I will miss the localized prices I got on steam, it’s a very easy choice from the developer or publisher’s perspective.

Courtesy – Deep Silver

Don’t think so? If someone offered you incentive AND extra 18% profits from the next major game that will most likely sell no matter where you sell it… Would you really turn it down?

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