Kickstarting a game is not the easiest of things, in fact, it is one of the most challenging experiences someone can face. We sat down to chat with Benjamin Gregg, developer of ‘KUMO’, an immersive and beautiful looking game with an emotional storyline.

Courtesy – KUMO

Let’s start with something very important – Where did you come up with the name Kumo? What does it mean?

Kumo is Japanese for ‘cloud’. I wanted the character to have a name that revolves around the world it is set in.

Kumo looks very beautiful, which engine did you use and what made you choose that engine?

Thank you, I use Unreal Engine, I chose this engine specifically for the lighting engine built inside which made it easier to reiterate over and over again till I got the perfect look that I wanted.

Courtesy – KUMO

It’s the era of Early Access, when Kumo is released on Steam, will it be an early access title?

No, Kumo will only release when it is ready. Like a great quote says –

“an unfinished game is always a bad game, a delayed game is a good game”.

What do you think has been the biggest challenge in your development of Kumo?

Handling performance throughout the development designing the clouds to work well with limitations.

You’ve chosen Kickstarter with its all or nothing principle as your crowdfunding platform, was there a specific reason you opted for Kickstarter rather than websites and platforms like Indiegogo and so on?

Indiegogo is a great platform, my main choice being kickstarter was because it is a lot easier to handle communicating with your backers as well as dealing with the platform itself and being a very well known community.

Courtesy – KUMO

With Epic Games Store offering a much higher cut, is there a plan to bring Kumo to that store or is it just on Steam?

Kumo will be released on both Steam and Epic games store no matter what.

Staying with the store, as a game developer, do you think the negative reaction that Deep Silver got for Metro Exodus moving from Steam to Epic Games Store was deserved?

I think it’s ridiculous, developers should have to freedom to do these decisions with no issues what so ever, it doesn’t affect the game in any way, just the way you purchase it, enough people made an account and put their credit cards on epic games launcher for Fortnite, why not for Metro Exodus.

In the unlikely event that KUMO does not get funded, do you have a Plan B?

Yes, I plan on taking KUMO and redeveloping it in 2D to keep the story alive and less stressful to develop.

Well, we hope it never comes to that! Thanks for taking the time for the interview and we can’t wait to see where KUMO goes from here!

Check Out KUMO’s Kickstarter page here, you can do what you can – Be it supporting the project financially, or spreading the word! Every little bit helps bring this beautiful game alive.

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